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A Glimpse of a Hitman: A Mafia Romance Prequel (The Caparelli Family Series Book 0)

Good girls know that bad men can only mean trouble...

But such men are impossible to resist.

Welcome to the Caparelli Family Romantic Series.

Forbidden Love. Dangerous Lies. Undeniable Passion.

A Glimpse of a Hitman – A Mafia Romance (The Caparelli Family Series Prequel)

Rachel is determined to create the life she has always dreamed of. A fulfilling job, a happy marriage, and a good man were always going to be part of her very own fairy tale.

However, the promise of a life of happiness is shattered when she finds out her fiancé isn't the man she thought he was ... and the wedding is just days away. Rachel stoically decides to go ahead with her marriage despite her increasing doubts. She never was the type of woman to back down from a challenge and she knows she can make this work.

So why has just one glimpse of a member of the notorious Caparelli Family turned this beautiful young bride-to-be into a wobbly, stuttering mess?

"One of the men suddenly turned and looked in their direction. His eyes skimmed over Serena before he locked his intense gaze on Rachel and for a few seconds or more, she could have sworn her heart stopped beating."

Welcome to the dangerous and exhilarating world of The Caparelli Family. Once you get in, you can never leave... Get your copy of this special prequel today!

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Series: The Caparelli Family Series, Book 1
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