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Deep Wave (A Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller Book 2)

Deep in the water off the Key West coast...

A submerged shadow catches Troy Bodean's eye.

Treasure? Shipwreck? Government drone shot out of the sky?

Troy Bodean is back and flying a seaplane for his brother’s Key West tourist ferry to Fort Jefferson. And then he sees it... a shadow deep in the water. Dreams of treasure, fortune, and fame begin to fill his head. He launches a secret salvage operation to bring up the mysterious find. And that's when everyone started trying to kill him.

In a race against time with a hurricane bearing down on the gulf and all the shadowy forces vying to stop him and take his treasure, Troy Bodean is at it again in DEEP WAVE.

Find out what comes up from the deep and if Troy will live to enjoy the bounty.

Download Deep Wave - A Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller for an exciting action adventure at sea. Fans of Clive Cussler, Wayne Stinnett, and Randy Wayne White will love this book.

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About the Book

“Somehow, I ended up downloading the second book in the Troy Bodean series and only realized it halfway through. To me, that’s a testament to how well this book holds up on its own. I will go back and start the series in its proper order, but the second book did a fine job of establishing all the characters, setting and tone, so I didn’t feel like I had missed anything important. The story is absorbing from the start and concerns efforts–both legit and less-so–to recover a priceless sunken treasure discovered near Key West. The insider’s knowledge on display here is impressive–the level of confident detail certainly had me convinced the author had talked to government investigators, oil rig operators, small craft pilots, and treasure hunters. Everyone was well-cast and believable in their respective roles. I was never quite sure where the story was going and it consistently surprised me in plausible ways. If I had any criticism, it would be that something subtitled “A Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller” should contain more Troy Bodean. He was definitely the central character, but since it’s written from multiple POVs, he would drop out of the story here and there while we caught up with other characters (and there are a lot of them, although I never had trouble keeping track). Looking forward to stepping back and meeting Troy for the first time in book #1.”

Series: Troy Bodean Tropical Thrillers, Book 2
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Tropical Thrillers Press
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