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Prosperity Dawning (The Prosperity Spartanburg Files #2)

A cult of free-thinking sun and moon worshippers, a string of bizarre deaths, and a mad scramble to make sense of it all before someone else is found dead.

People are gathering on the island to witness a rare lunar event and along with the everyday sightseers comes a cult whose members have been known to cause trouble before. After Prosperity and Rueben discover the body of the cult leader left in a bizarre final resting place the remainder of the cult members start to drop like flies.

Can Reuben and Prosperity find the reason for the deaths and the cult leader’s killer before it’s too late? Or will Prosperity’s past catch up on her and prevent her from moving forward?

Seems it might be time to make like bulrush and reed on…

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About the Book
Authors: ,
Series: The Prosperity Spartanburg Files, Book 2
Genre: Thriller
ISBN: 9781088505922
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